2020 Annual Report and Notice of 2021 Annual General Meeting


The Company announces that the 2020 Annual Report (available on the Company’s website since 11 March 2021) and the Notice of 2021 Annual General Meeting are being distributed or made available to shareholders electronically today, 30 April 2021.

The Company's Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 2 June 2021 at 10.00 am (BST). The meeting will be held at 2 Eaton Gate, London, SW1W 9BL, United Kingdom. At the time of publication of the Notice of AGM, the UK office remains generally closed and due to international travel restrictions, some of the Board members may be unable to travel to the meeting. The Board will ensure a quorum is present and we recommend that shareholders do not attend in person.

The Board will continue to monitor developments in the national lockdown restrictions and government guidance. In the event of a relaxation of those restrictions that allow general in-person attendance at the meeting, shareholders will be notified via the Regulatory News Services and the Company’s website of any changes to the arrangements made for the meeting, as well as any health and safety measures that are considered necessary to ensure the safety of in-person attendees at the meeting. The AGM this year will be purely functional and address the formal resolutions detailed in the notice of meeting. We strongly encourage all shareholders who wish to participate in the AGM to appoint ‘the Chairman of the meeting’ as their proxy and to complete and return a proxy form to ensure all votes are included.

In compliance with Listing Rule 9.6.1, copies of the above documents will be submitted to the UK Listing Authority and will shortly be available for inspection via the FCA National Storage Mechanism