Mutually beneficial partnerships to maintain our social licence to operate

To maintain our social licence to operate, we regularly engage with our stakeholders to seek mutually beneficial solutions to challenges that arise – providing both financial and practical support on a range of projects considered material, thereby creating sustainable value for our stakeholders.

We recognise that pursuing financial growth at the expense of the community and employee needs is unsustainable. Our established sustainability strategy focuses on six areas aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This strategy confirms our support for both global and local sustainability priorities. Our commitment to these SDGs ensures a targeted impact for our host countries and project affected communities (PACs). Aligning our business practices to these goals makes good business sense, as many of the world's top risks can impact our ability to create value for our community and government stakeholders.

Ending poverty, creating employment opportunities and reducing inequalities requires new thinking and strategies that support economic growth and target a wide range of social needs, such as education, health, social protection, employment and environmental protection. We believe that our contribution of establishing sustainable businesses will create immense value for our PACs by creating employment and helping to end poverty beyond the life of our mines.