Infrastructure development in the Pae-La-ltlhatsoa Community

Meandering hills and steep mountain passes characterise the valley surrounding the Khubelu river. Nestled in this spectacular environment, the communities in the Mokhotlong district, and more specifically in the Pae-La-ltlhatsoa community, are accustomed to the challenges associated with mountainous living. One such challenge is the seasonal risk posed by the Khubelu river, which rises during heavy rains, separating the community from their neighbours on the opposite bank. During this time, economic activity ceases, and children cannot attend school until the river recedes.

Through engagement with community leaders, we established that a connection between the river banks during flood-time is critical to maintaining economic flow and functioning of community activities. We therefore began construction of a much-needed footbridge. Once completed, the bridge will provide pedestrian access for people and livestock, as well as emergency medical transport across the river. Local community authorities will be able to continue administration and serve delivery activities, while children can attend school, and trade and commerce can continue uninterrupted.

Furthermore, during 2018 classrooms were constructed at the Tšepong Primary School located within the
Pae-La-ltlhatsoa community. These classrooms will greatly expand the capacity of the school and enable children of different age groups to be taught in separate classes.

Additionally, following a rigorous consultation process, the need was identified for the construction of offices for the local leadership in the community to support effective functioning, and the construction of these offices was completed during the year.