A passion for learning

Ntsopha Mosili has been part of our environmental team at our Letšeng mine for many years now. Having studied a BSc in chemical technology, Ntsopha has always known that he would study science but was not quite sure in which direction it would lead him. In 2011, having completed his BSc, Ntsopha was offered a bursary by Gem Diamonds to study process engineering. He joined the mine as an intern in 2012, having signed on for a two-year internship. His enthusiasm and commitment, however, was something we recognised early on and he was absorbed into the Company as an environmental officer long before his internship was completed. He worked as an environmental officer for four years during which time he engaged in several projects, including leach testing, our wetland project and, more recently, our pilot bioremediation plant project, enabling him to pursue his passion for learning and applying knowledge gained in the field.

Q: What has working for Gem Diamonds meant to you?

A: It has meant a great deal. I have been allowed to follow my interests and have been given opportunities to apply what I have learnt in a unique setting.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: I am excited about the projects we are doing. The water projects have been an area of excitement and provided me with an opportunity to do what I love – learn. Our aim is to prevent and mitigate environmental harm to make what we do more sustainable. An example of this is the work we are doing with nitrates. Our findings took us to the source of the nitrates where we worked to find more efficient ways of blasting that would result in fewer nitrates being released into the water system in the first place. We are still exploring ways of improving our blasting processes even further. We have also focused on remediating the historical damage. All the projects we have pursued in this regard have had sustainability in mind. We have wanted to find solutions that work for the business and nature. We have not at the end of this journey but our drive to do the right thing, the best way, has made us leaders in this field and that is exciting – knowing we can make a difference not only here but beyond this mine.

Q: What has made this success possible?

A: The success we have had with our projects to date has not been without failures and bumps along the way. What we have achieved would not have been possible without the commitment and effort of my colleagues and the support and encouragement of management. Everyone here wants to see the best outcome achieved and is willing to do what it takes, and that makes all the difference.

Q: What has kept you working for Gem Diamonds?

A: I have been encouraged to pursue my passion. Having expressed an interest in further refining my focus to water management issues, I was given the opportunity to become a line manager in the engineering department where I will be focusing more on water issues. The opportunity for growth has not only encouraged my growth but kept my passion alive.

Ntsopha Mosili describing the bioremediation process.