Meeting community needs through co-operation

Gem Diamonds works in close collaboration with its PACs to ensure that the social projects implemented contribute meaningfully. With the opening of the Ghaghoo mine during the year, the Group’s involvement in the surrounding community has continued to intensify. During the public participation phase of the Ghaghoo project, Gem Diamonds gave the PACs an undertaking that, as soon as the mine became operational, a community trust would be established to guide the Company’s CSI efforts. During 2014, the Trust was registered and started its work.

The Gem Diamonds trustees are Haile Mphusu and Brandon de Bruin (sales and marketing executive). The Kaudwane community elected George Pihelo and the Lephephe community, Kgomotso Kootshole, to serve as trustees. The Trust serves to implement community projects identified in a collaborative needs assessment process.

Prize giving at Kaudwane Primary School

During 2014, the Ghaghoo mine adopted the Kaudwane Primary School, establishing a long-term partnership. Funds were allocated by the Trust to allow extensive maintenance to be done to the school’s ablution facilities and the school’s generator was serviced, supplying electricity to the classrooms. The mine also sponsored a prize giving at the school to honour and encourage achievement in academic, sporting and cultural fields. More projects are planned for 2015, including expansions to the administration block and building additional classrooms.

A decision was taken by the Trust to establish a vegetable garden in the Lephephe Primary School, erecting shade netting and installing irrigation, as well as providing an agricultural specialist to assist the school with successful management of the garden. The produce supplied by the garden is expected to provide community members with vegetables for their personal use and, through a purchase agreement, the mine is able to support the school financially in a sustainable manner. In addition, the mine aided the Lephephe community by assisting with the management and upgrading the landfill site near the community.

Furthermore, the mine supported the K’joe Primary School, in the new Xade district, by sponsoring sporting equipment according to the needs outlined by the school, as well as sponsoring a prize giving ceremony at the school.