Proactive safety management

We believe that proactive safety management, that is, safety management that looks ahead to improve everyday performance rather than just focusing on preventing what could go wrong, is the natural outworking of our corporate culture of achieving zero harm and promoting responsible care. We continue to increase our focus on proactive safety management with the purpose of ensuring that our system functions in a way that promotes the health and safety of our people. This determined focus across the Group has resulted in a continued improvement in the number of proactive measures implemented since 2011. During 2014, a total of 62 357 proactive prevention measures were implemented, compared to 45 512 in 2013, which shows a significant improvement. Proactive measures implemented during the year included, among others:

hazard identifications;

mini risk assessments;

job hazard analysis;

planned task observations; and

internal and external inspections and audits.

Task observation at Letšeng.