Operational overview




The Letšeng mine is located in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho and is renowned for its recovery of large, high quality, exceptional Type II diamonds.

Among these diamonds recovered are the 910 carat “Lesotho Legend”, the 603 carat “Lesotho Promise”, the 550 carat “Letšeng Star” and the 493 carat “Letšeng Legacy”.

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The Ghaghoo mine, situated near the south-eastern border of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve was acquired by Gem Diamonds in May 2007 with a 25-year mining licence obtained from January 2011. The mine consists of a 10.4ha kimberlite pipe, and has an in situ value of US$4.9 billion (as at 1 January 2014). Diamonds produced at Ghaghoo are of a commercial quality and lower value and size than those from Letšeng.

Letšeng has also produced high-quality pink and blue diamonds, with a rare blue diamond achieving a sales price of US$603 047 per carat in 2013 and an exceptional pink diamond achieving US$656 934 per carat in 2019.

Letšeng ranks in the top 10 global diamond producers by revenue. The large high value greater than 100 carat diamonds from Letšeng account for 70% to 80% of the Group’s revenue annually.

Letšeng has grown to be one of the largest open pit diamond mines in the world, processing ore from two kimberlite pipes, the Main pipe 17.0ha and the Satellite pipe 5.2ha. In 2017, certain Business Transformation initiatives were undertaken to unlock additional value at Letšeng, which included an updated open-pit life of mine plan, large diamond recovery and reduced diamond breakage initiative projects, and a mining optimisation project.

For more information on Letšeng, please refer to the latest Annual Report and Accounts, Half-year Reports, relevant trading updates and press releases.

The Ghaghoo mine, the first underground diamond mine in Botswana, was placed on care and maintenance in 2017 following the weak state of the diamond market for the category of diamonds produced at Ghaghoo and a decision was made to proceed with the sale of the Ghaghoo mine.

During the first six months of 2018 a formal sale process to sell the Ghaghoo mine commenced with Nedbank Capital being appointed as the corporate advisor on the transaction. The sales process continues.

For more information on Ghaghoo refer to the latest Annual Report and Accounts, Half-year Reports, relevant trading updates and press releases.

Sales and Marketing


Gem Diamonds continues to invest in its sales, marketing and diamond analysis operations to pursue ways of maximising revenue through a combination of marketing channels, including tenders, strategic partnerships and extractions for manufacturing to capture additional margins further along the diamond pipeline.

From Letšeng mine

The Letšeng mine produces large, exceptional quality diamonds which supply the very top end of the diamond market.

Letšeng’s top-quality diamonds are sent from Lesotho to Baobab Technologies in Antwerp for analysis to achieve the greatest returns at each of the diamond tenders.

Rough diamond analysis

Baobab Technologies

Baobab Technologies’ advanced mapping and analysis of Letšeng’s top-quality rough diamonds assists in assessing appropriate true values of these rough diamonds before they are presented for sale.

This in-depth knowledge provides the basis for setting robust reserve prices for each of the high value diamonds at each tender and assists in making strategic selling, partnering or manufacturing decisions.

Sales and marketing services

Gem Diamonds benefits from actively managing its own multi-channel marketing strategy and by establishing and developing relationships with new and existing clients.

Gem Diamonds maximises revenue from its rough diamonds through a combination of channels, which includes tenders and partnerships, in addition to pursuing additional initiatives further down the diamond pipeline.

Polished diamonds are sold through direct selling channels to prominent high-end diamantaires.


Gem Diamonds’ client base consists of prominent high end diamantaires and manufacturers from the world’s major diamond centers: Belgium, India, Hong Kong, Israel, New York and Dubai.