Corporate governance

We integrate sustainability into our core business practices, working to create economic value for the Group while delivering ongoing benefits to all our stakeholders.

Through our robust corporate governance practices, we are able to conduct our business responsibly, providing attractive returns to our investors and actively contributing to the societies in which we operate.

Our approach to corporate governance

The board is fully committed to the highest standards of corporate governance which it believes will support the long term success of the Company.

Though a British Virgin Islands (BVI) registered Company, Gem Diamonds has a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange. The Group’s commitment to robust corporate governance supports its ability to create sustainable returns for all stakeholders. In September 2014 the FRC published the revised UK Corporate Governance Code and is applicable to companies with accounting periods beginning on or after 1 October 2014. The Board agrees with and supports the Code, and the Gem Diamonds governance framework was amended accordingly. The Group is thus well positioned to introduce the necessary changes as required.

The Board is ultimately responsible to shareholders for the Group’s activities, its strategy and financial performance, for the efficient use of the Group’s resources and for health, safety, social and environmental matters. With the assistance of the Audit Committee, the Board, therefore, approves the Group’s governance framework and reviews its risk management and internal control process, which leads to a more effective Board and facilitates the Chairman’s leadership role.

Our leadership

Roger Davis

Harry Kenyon-Slaney

Non-Executive Chairman
BSc Geology (Southampton University), International Executive Programme (INSEAD France)

Harry Kenyon-Slaney is currently a senior advisor to McKinsey & Co and has over 33 years of experience in the mining industry, principally with Rio Tinto. He is a geologist by training and his experience spans operations, marketing, projects, finance and business development. He has worked in South Africa, Australia and the UK. Harry is also a Partner at Audley Capital Advisors LLP, a member of the board of directors of Bridon Bekaert Ropes Group, and a non-executive director of several private companies. Until 2015, Harry was a member of the Group Executive committee of Rio Tinto where he held the roles of CEO of Energy, and before that CEO of Diamonds and Minerals. Prior to this he variously led Rio Tinto’s global titanium dioxide business, was CEO of Rio Tinto’s listed subsidiary, Energy Resources of Australia Ltd, was GM Operations at Palabora Mining Company in South Africa and held senior marketing roles in copper, uranium and industrial minerals. He began his career as an underground geologist with Anglo American on the gold mines in South Africa.


Harry was appointed as Chairman of the Board in June 2017.

Key skills and experience

Commercial and capital markets. Leadership of large and complex global mining and processing businesses. Public company board governance and government stakeholder engagement.

Board committee membership

Remuneration and Nominations Committees.

Mike Salamon

Mike Salamon (60)

Senior Independent Director
BSc (Mining Engineering) (University of the Witwatersrand); MBA (London Business School)

Mike is a mining engineer with an MBA and has over 30 years’ experience in the mining sector. He was a founding Director of Billiton and was instrumental in Billiton’s IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 1997 and the subsequent merger with BHP in 2001. Mike retired from his position of Executive Director at BHP Billiton in 2006. Thereafter Mike was appointed Executive Chairman of New World Resources and led its IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 2008. He retired from this position in 2012 and is a non-Executive Director of Ferrexpo Plc.


Mike was appointed to the Board in February 2008.

Key skills and experience

Operational mining, projects, health and safety, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and capital markets.

Board committee membership

Nominations, HSSE and Remuneration Committees.

Gavin Beevers

Gavin Beevers (66)

Non-Executive Director
BSc Hons (Mechanical Engineering) (Lancaster Polytechnic)

Gavin was the Director of Operations at De Beers from April 2000 until his retirement in 2004. He had joined De Beers in 1979 and was based in Botswana for 11 years. Thereafter he was appointed Assistant General Manager at De Beers Marine in Cape Town until 1994, whereafter he returned to Botswana as General Manager at the Orapa and Lethlakane Mines. From January 1996 to March 2000, Gavin held the position of Deputy Managing Director of Debswana Diamond Company.


Gavin was appointed to the Board in February 2007.

Key skills and experience

Operational mining, health and safety, sustainability, corporate social responsibility.

Board committee membership

Audit and HSSE Committees.

Richard Williams

Michael Lynch-Bell (62)

Non-Executive Director
BA Hons Economics and Accountancy (University of Sheffield); FCA of the ICAEW

Michael spent a 38-year career with Ernst & Young (EY) having led its Global Oil and Gas, UK IPO and Global Oil and Gas and Mining transaction advisory practices. He was a member of the assurance practice from 1974 to 1996 when he transferred to the Transaction Advisory Practice. He was also UK Alumni sponsor and a member of the firm’s EMEIA and Global Advisory Councils. He retired from EY as a partner in 2012 and continued as a consultant to the firm until November 2013.Michael is currently Senior Independent non-Executive Director and Audit Committee Chair at Kaz Minerals Plc; Independent non-Executive Director, Remuneration Committee member and Audit Committee Chair at Lenta Limited; and Independent non-Executive Director, Compensation Committee Chair and Audit Committee Chair at Transocean Partners LLC. Michael is also currently honorary treasurer and board trustee of ActionAid International, a Human Rights campaigning NGO.


Michael was appointed to the Board in December 2015.

Key skills and experience

Finance and capital markets; Oil and gas; Mining and metals.

Board committee membership

Audit and Remuneration Committees.

Clifford Elphick

Clifford Elphick (55)

Chief Executive Officer
BCom (University of Cape Town); BCompt Hons (University of South Africa)

Clifford joined Anglo American Corporation in 1986 and was seconded to E. Oppenheimer and Son as Harry Oppenheimer’s personal assistant in 1988. In 1990, he was appointed Managing Director of E. Oppenheimer and Son, a position he held until leaving in December 2004. During that time, Clifford was also a Director of Central Holdings, Anglo American and DB Investments. Following the privatisation of De Beers in 2000, Clifford served on the De Beers Executive Committee. Clifford is also the non-Executive Chairman of Zanaga Iron Ore Co. Limited and Jumelles Holdings Limited.


Clifford formed Gem Diamonds in July 2005.

Key skills and experience

Diamond and mining industries; Commercial and capital markets.

Board committee membership

Nominations Committee.

Michael Michael

Michael Michael (45)

Chief Financial Officer
BCom Hons (Rand Afrikaans University); CA(SA)

Michael Michael has over 20 years’ experience in financial management. He joined RSM Betty & Dickson (Audit Firm) in Johannesburg South Africa in January 1993 and became audit partner at the firm in March 2000. From August 2006 to February 2008 Michael was seconded to Gem Diamonds Limited to assist with the financial aspects of the Main London Listing including the financial reporting, management accounting and tax relating to the Initial Public Offering. In March 2008 Michael joined Gem Diamonds on a full-time basis as the Group Financial Manager. On 2 April 2013 he was promoted to the position of Chief Financial Officer.


Michael joined Gem Diamonds in March 2008 and was appointed to the Board in April 2013.

Key skills and experience

Finance and capital markets; Diamond industry.

Glenn Turner

Glenn Turner (55)

Chief Legal and Commercial Officer and Company Secretary
BA LLB (University of Cape Town); LLM (Cambridge)

Glenn was called to the Johannesburg Bar in 1987 where he spent 14 years practising as an advocate specialising in general commercial and competition law, and took silk in 2002. Glenn was appointed De Beers’ first General Counsel in 2002 and was also a member of the Executive Committee. Glenn was responsible for a number of key initiatives during his tenure, including overseeing De Beers’ re-entry into the USA.


Glenn joined Gem Diamonds in May 2006 and was appointed to the Board in April 2008. Glenn was appointed as the Company Secretary in January 2015.

Key skills and experience

Diamond industry; Legal.

Board committee membership

HSSE Committee.

Board evaluation

The Board understands the importance of ensuring that excellent standards of behaviour and governance are maintained, not only by the Directors, but integrated through all levels of the Group.

One of the overarching objectives of the 2015 Board evaluation was to carry out a comprehensive review on the effectiveness of the Board, not only as a unit, but also to assess and evaluate the contributions made by individual Directors.

The Board evaluation exercise looked at the composition of the Board and committees of the Board, conduct and decision- making; how strategy is approached and addressed; risk management, management information and reporting; training, development and succession planning; and internal and external communication.

The outcome reinforced our committment to applying best practices, setting, monitoring and evaluating the high standards of governance we wish to maintain.

Board evaluation in 2008 and 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2015 were carried out externally – 2010, 2011 and 2012 were carried out internally. The Board tries to achieve a continuous cycle of evaluation, targeted actions and performance improvement.

Board committees

The Audit Committee assists the Company's Board of Directors in discharging its responsibilities with regard to:

  • financial reporting;
  • external and internal audit controls, including reviewing the annual financial statements;
  • considering the scope of the Company's annual external audit and the extent of non-audit work undertaken by external auditors;
  • advising the appointment of external auditors;
  • approving the internal audit programme; and
  • reviewing the effectiveness of the Company's internal control systems.

The Audit Committee comprises of three independent non-Executive directors, as per the recommendations of the Code. The Audit Committee meets formally at least two times a year and senior management, including the Chief Financial Officer, may be invited to attend all or part of the meetings. The external Auditors attend the meetings on a regular basis.

The Remuneration Committee considers and determines all elements of the remuneration of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the senior executive team and determines the terms of any performance-related remuneration paid by the Company. The Committee also considers the level and structure of remuneration across the Company and advises on any major changes proposed.

The Remuneration Committee comprises two independent non-Executive Directors and the Chairman and meets formally at least two times a year and senior management and external advisors may be invited to attend meetings as the Remuneration Committee considers appropriate.

The Nominations Committee is responsible for the identification, evaluation and recommendation of candidates for Board vacancies as well as the making of recommendations for Board composition and balance. The terms of reference provide for a formal and transparent procedure.

The Nominations Committee comprises two non-Executive Directors and one Executive Director and meets formally at least twice a year.

The HSSE Committee assists the Board in developing framework policies and guidelines for the management of sustainable development issues, including health, safety, Corporate Social Responsibility and environment issues, and ensures their implementation within the Company.

The HSSE Committee, which comprises two non-Executive Directors and one Executive Director, meets formally at least two times a year. Senior management and external advisers may be invited to attend meetings as the HSSE Committee considers appropriate.

For more information on the HSSE Committee, please see our section on sustainability.

Relations with shareholders

The Board places considerable importance on effective communication with shareholders. The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, assisted by the Investor Relations Officer, maintain regular dialogue with and give briefings throughout the year to analysts and institutional investors and are involved in a structured programme of investor, analyst and media visits.

Any concerns raised by a shareholder in relation to the Company and its affairs are communicated to the Board as a whole. Care is taken to ensure that any price-sensitive information is released to all shareholders, institutional and private, at the same time, in accordance with the Disclosure and Transparency Rules of the Financial Conduct Authority.

All shareholders can obtain access to the annual report and other current information about the Company through the Company's website.

Policy on bribery and corruption – zero tolerance

It has been, and continues to be, Gem Diamonds Limited’s strict policy to conduct business in an honest and ethical way and without the tolerance or use of corrupt practices or acts of bribery to obtain an advantage in, or otherwise influence, its business or relationships.

Gem Diamonds acknowledges that bribery and corruption harm the societies in which these acts are committed by preventing economic growth and development therein. Gem Diamonds is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all its business dealings and relationships wherever it operates.

In addition to Gem Diamonds global anti-corruption policies and practices, Gem Diamonds is committed to abiding by all anti-corruption law in those jurisdictions in which it operates.

Even the suggestion of corruption may damage the reputation of Gem Diamonds and its employees or associates and affect its ability to do business. Gem Diamonds is committed to doing business ethically and transparently, even if this means a potential loss of opportunity, not using the services of particular agents or other associated persons or incurring delays or other barriers to business.

Gem Diamonds applies a “zero tolerance” approach to acts of bribery and corruption involving any of its staff or third-party representatives or associates.

Gem Diamonds anti-corruption policy (the “Policy”) embodies Gem’s commitment to monitor its business operations, identify any risk of corruption and effectively deal with and prevent any potential for corrupt practices. The Policy is the responsibility of the Gem Company Secretary on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer of Gem and other directors. For a copy of the Policy please apply to the Company Secretary (

The Policy has been approved and adopted by the board of Directors of Gem Diamonds.